Steps For Equine Adoption

Step 1. Complete the following Equine Adoption Application below.

Step 2. If a suitable animal becomes available, all qualified parties will be notified.

Step 3. Make an appointment to work with the animal both on ground and under saddle.

Step 4. Schedule a home visit to be completed by a staff member of Second Chance Farm to wherever the animal will be kept.

Step 5. If the potential adopter and the staff of Second Chance Farm are comfortable, the adoption may be approved.

Minimum Adoption Fee For Equine Adoptions

  • Companion Only

  • Companion Plus

  • Ride-able



$600 - $1,000

* Pre-purchase exams by your veterinarian are encouraged. (At your cost)

** All animals have negative Coggins, are fully vaccinated and wormed with regular farrier appointments every 6-8 weeks.

*** The new owner will receive copies of the animals' veterinary record.

Equine Adoption Application

Employment Information

Household Information


Other Information

What type of animal(s) are you wanting to adopt? You can choose multiple options.
If riding, at what level should the horse be?
What level is the primary rider?
If there is a secondary rider, what level are they?

Please list the farm animals you currently own or have owned in the past five years.

Veterinarian Information

Farrier Information

Release For Veterinary Records/Information

In order for your veterinarian to release information regarding the care of the farm animals in your possession, we request that you fill out this form. It is NOT to be filled out by your veterinarian. Please be sure to sign and date this form and return it to Second Chance Farm along with your application. This information will only be used when considering the eligibility of candidates interested in adoption.

permission to release information regarding the veterinary care of my animals to Second Chance Farm. I understand this information will only be used when considering the eligibility of candidates interested in adoption.

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