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Aries, the ram, came to us from animal control after being attacked by dogs. At first, he was not tame so we used cheeseballs to bribe him. His front leg had been injured and no amount of rehab or bracing would keep his leg straight where he could stand.

Days after a serious conversation of if we could help this farm animal’s quality of life, we got a call. Nat Geo Wild wanted us to bring a unique medical case to be filmed in a pilot series. We told them about Aries and they agreed. So we loaded up a ram with a large set of horns in the back of a van and headed to Houston. The clinic performed surgery while the film crew followed his story. He made the cut for the show and was our international star! Aries still resides at the farm and still loves cheeseballs.  Cheeseballs for everyone!!

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Aries' Story

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