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Tied to a tree with a long rope since there were no fences or shelter, a horse stood strong through a bad storm. In that storm was a tornado. Debris hit the horse on the neck/shoulder area, rib cage and jaw.

The owner was dealing with the loss of his home and couldn't help her. 10 days later, the clean-up crew saw her and called authorities. That is when we were contacted to take her. On day 11, we picked her up and named herTwister on the 3.5 hour drive home. The next day at the vet, they discovered that the neck wound was deep and went to the vertebrae. Her jaw was also broken on the under side below a tooth. After months of hydrotherapy and red light therapy, Twister was turned out to pasture with her new herd, never to be left tied up again. She is now a permanent resident at the farm.

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Twister's Story

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