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Approximately 20 years ago, it all started with a blind horse named Blaze and a crippled cow named Annie. These two bonded and became inseparable. Sandi put a bell on Annie’s neck so that Blaze could hear her wherever she went. The cow led the horse to water and to graze. They remained friends until it was time to let Blaze go, due to old age. Sandi always thought that Blaze cared more for Annie until the day Blaze died and Annie just stood and seemed to look around for him. She did mourn for him and it showed that she truly cared. This was the beginning of Sandi’s passion for special needs animals and sharing with people that they really do matter. SCF was officially founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2012 after many years of being funded by founder, Sandi Walker's two small businesses.



Our mission is to offer care and a peaceful living environment for abused, physically handicapped, aged or homeless animals. Second Chance Farm offers an open space facility, a place of refuge, to help in protecting the quality of life and improve the well being of these animals through prevention, education, intervention, placement and lifetime care where they will live out their lives with dignity, love, and respect.

Through social media, the Farm is known to animal controls and rescues throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Our 21,000 "Farm Fans" network locates and transports animals that we are uniquely able to serve.


Even without eyes, ears or legs, these animals show us normalcy on a daily basis.

Second Chance Farm was one woman's passion, and it is contagious. The Farm's social media presence has infected more than 21,000 "Farm Fans." Local volunteers provide labor, technical expertise, fostering and transportation to augment the small paid staff. All of this was tested during the 2018 summer drought, when a wildfire started on an adjoining ranch. It was our worst nightmare, evacuating blind, deaf, physically impaired and psychological challenged animals with a fast approaching fire. The call went out. Trucks with trailers, moms in minivans, grandmas and people who left their jobs to help evacuate over 100 animals. Horses, donkeys, goats, ducks, chickens, pigs, cattle and dogs were moved to safety. It was an amazing logistical event, made possible by the support of our local community. Thankfully, our dedicated volunteer firefighters stopped the fire before it reached the farm. As a side note, one of the horses stole their rescuers' hearts and got adopted!


Normal: adjective; confirmation to a standard, usual, typical or expected.  At SCF we Redefine Normal not as the expected number of legs, eyes or ears, but as the expected spirit and purpose of the animals. Our animals are "normal" because they play, love, have jobs, bring joy and comfort just as the rest of their species. The lesson they have for our species, is that the value in all lives, even human, is not found in physical or even mental norms, but in spirit and purpose.


Rehabilitation processes include; physical therapy, wound care, disease treatment, medical intervention and honest evaluation to make adoption into a forever home successful, if possible.


Second Chance Farm is 100% funded and sustained through the donations and volunteer work of our Farm Fans.  We are able to meet the challenges our animals have because of the willingness and support of our veterinary partners.  Animals come to SCF because their injuries, birth defects, medical conditions, trauma and abuse have affected their quality of life and their chances for a forever home.  Our veterinary partners are willing to take on difficult surgeries, find creative solutions, research, network and advocate for our animals.


Food, regular medicines, vaccines and supplies are predictable, but every day in rescue is different. The arrival of an injured or gravely ill animal can quickly drain cash reserves. Drought can increase the need and cost of supplemental feed. Severe weather damages buildings, fences or creates unsafe conditions for the animals. We are fortunate to have regular donors, grants and volunteers to meet our predicted financial budget but sometimes we need a little extra. Our 20,000+ Farm Fans on social media always rally to help. 


Running a rescue takes big dreams, hard work, great people and a leap of faith every day.


We assist special needs and senior animals that are at risk of euthanasia from shelters and some owner surrenders.



We will help physically rehab our animals to improve their quality of life.



Through coordination with our vets, SCF ensures that our animals receive the proper surgeries, vaccines and medical care.



Our animals are simply amazing and finding them new homes brings us great joy


Help us continue to care for the animals we love!

Donate. Adopt. Share our Story.

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