• Sandi Walker

    President and Founder of SCF

    SCF was officially founded in 2012 after many years of being funded by Sandi’s 2 small businesses. Approximately 20 years ago, it all started with a blind horse named Blaze and a crippled cow named Annie. These 2 bonded and became inseparable. Sandi put a bell on Annie’s neck so that Blaze could hear where she went. The cow led the horse to water and to graze. They remained friends until it was time to let Blaze go, due to old age. Sandi always thought that Blaze cared more for Annie until the day Blaze died and Annie just stood and seemed to look around for him. She did mourn for him and it showed that she truly cared. This was the beginning of Sandi’s passion for special needs animals and sharing with people that they really do matter. Based on a 70 acre family farm, Second Chance Farm has grown into a very successful non-profit that houses a lot of special animals.

  • Linda Young


    All my life I have loved animals. I started following SCF because they were so unique. After some time, I volunteered to transport animals to the farm. It is so rewarding when you pick up an abused, neglected or abandoned animal and take them to a place you know will change their lives for the better. One day I was invited to the “farm”. I had never been around animals with disabilities, it was such an eye opening experience. I knew that day I had to be a part of this fantastic rescue.

  • Stacey Ladd


    Second Chance Farm is my “happy place” and a place of peace and refuge. There is no other place I would rather go spend time or support with my time and donations.

  • Chris Follis


    Volunteering at SCF is very rewarding and does the heart good. Watching these animals "Redifine Normal" on a daily basis is so inspiring. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the SCF family. Doodle On!

  • Mickey Lewis


    My two favorite things are animals and auctions. I get the best of both worlds  by volunteering as the auctioneer at SCF. Getting to be Sandi’s friend is an added bonus.

  • Liana Oechsle


    Being involved with SCF gives me more than I put in through love, education,  dog kisses and hugs. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization

  • Logan Boggs


    Working with these animals almost every day has been one the best experiences of my life. Learning what it takes to run this farm is life changing. It’s not just about petting dogs. It’s 10-14 hour days. It’s a lot of heartache, but with that comes a lot of happiness. I’m beyond blessed to be a part of the SCF family.

  • Nici Betterton


    Being a volunteer at SCF is truly amazing, not to mention rewarding and educational.  The love I have for the animals is immeasurable.  They truly adapt & overcome whaterver comes their way.  The passion Sandi has for these animals is genuine.  It is an honor for me to be a part of the SCF family.

  • Jennifer Rowley


    I followed the farm on Facebook for a few years and eventually adopted my dog from them.  I've seen so many amazing things done at the farm for all different kinds of animals.  You can't help but want to be a part of that.

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