All of our animals have amazing stories and we would love for you to share them with your friends and family. Getting the word out about what we do is a great way to make sure our animals find their forever homes.

  • Aries' Story

    Aries, the ram, came to us from animal control after being attacked by dogs. At first, he was not tame so we used cheeseballs to bribe him. His front leg had been injured and no amount of rehab or bracing would keep his leg straight where he could stand.

  • Chester's Story

    Chester was born blind in one eye with a deformed back foot. Her owner was going to dispose of her so we took her in.

  • Demo's Story

    Run over by a truck and trailer and left for dead, some good samaritans moved him over and called animal control. He was taken back to the shelter to be euthanized from his horrific injuries (broken jaw, major road rash, exposed bone in front leg, a broken pelvis and an eye had popped out).

  • Doodad's Story

    I was called to pick up a hairless dog. The poor thing was terrified and hid in the bushes next to the house.

  • Doodle's Story

    After getting an email about a cute little white puppy in a shelter that had crooked legs, I headed that way. When I got there and saw her and her two special sisters with her, I said "I will take them all!"

  • Doogie's Story

    Doogie was a tiny puppy when taken to a Houston shelter with a horrible burn down his back.

  • Juliet's Story

    I got a call from the Humane Society to see about taking 2 emaciated horses. I didn't know how bad it would be. Romeo, the gelding, was thin, but Juliet, was in one of the worst conditions that I had seen.

  • Patrick's Story

    After being contacted about a pitiful dog in a San Antonio shelter, we sent an email. Out of over 100 messages that they received, they chose SCF to take him. Patrick was old, emaciated, heart worm positive, anemic, had mange and ehrlichia, a tick born disease.

  • Twister's Story

    Tied to a tree with a long rope since there were no fences or shelter, a horse stood strong through a bad storm. In that storm was a tornado. Debris hit the horse on the neck/shoulder area, rib cage and jaw.

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